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by Charlene on December 8, 2012

These glass tile necklaces are so much fun to make! We’ve seen the idea on a few blogs and though we’d share them with our Craft Shack friends too. The fun part is that you can choose any image that you like. You can find a pretty piece of scrapbook paper, a magazine image or even a photo of you, your BFF, your kids, etc.

Here are the things you need in addition to the tiles, bail and chain:
Adhesives: Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze + E6000 for the bail attachment
Paper/Photos: Images of your choice + Cardstock or photo paper (for photographs)
Computer/Internet: Use the Pixlr program to create your images and print from your home computer

Ideal Image Size 7/8” x 7/8”

If you have Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can easily shrink your photo down to 7/8”x7/8”. If you don’t have these programs, the free online program, Pixlr, will do the trick for you.

After you save your image as a JPG, open MS Word and ‘insert your image’. It should maintain the same size.

For printing, we found that using a cardstock or photo paper works best. Plain old bond paper works too, but it’s just not as clear as the other types.

Ideal adhesive

You can use either Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze. Apply a small amount with a paint brush and set image in place. Let dry.

Once it has dried, apply another layer of adhesive and another image for the back side.

It’s all in the Details

We like the back to look good too, so you can choose a complimentary paper or image for the back side.

Again, seal with adhesive.

Once it’s dry, you can adhere the bail.

We choose yet another adhesive – the ultra strong E6000.

Let this sit and dry for a few hours or overnight, then you are ready to wear your new custom glass tile pendant.

If your images were slightly too big an over hang the edge of the tile, you can smooth them out with a fine grit sand paper and apply one more layer of adhesive to seal.

Have fun, be creative, wear them all or make them for friends!

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